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Who we are, what we do.

Welcome to the Symphony


Founded in mid 2006 Symphony of Specters has seen nearly every facet of game development and as such an understanding of the universe in which they reside. Our composers and engineers are found around the world and each bring something unique and new to the table which when combined results in fine quality assets for our partners.

The Symphony also serves as a bridge between media producers and audio professionals. What we cannot do in house we find and connect the best candidates for the job. With lots of seasoned and trained veterans to provide talent, there is quite literally nothing out of the question. Providing leadership and integrating closely into the production pipeline the Symphony simply delivers.

With over 300 casual games under our belt we pay homage to our starting field by creating unrivaled material for this sector. We’ve seen it all, done it all, and probably twice over. Providing music, sound effects and Voice overs, we’re creating audio experiences from the ground up.