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What we do for our clients

Custom Music

Skilled in several genres and styles and with contacts with several dozen seasoned veterans of the industry the Symphony can provide nearly any style or genre imaginable. If you’ve got a need we’ve got a producer whose talent is going to deliver.

Custom SFX

Something goes bang? Or perhaps a pretty blip? Whatever the reason, solid sound effect assets is what gives the user feedback regarding their performance. If ever you’ve squeezed off a clip of ammo in a gun just to hear the rattling monster at work you know exactly what we mean.

Custom Voice Overs

Need to localize your project? Need truly emotive and expressive voices to amplify immersion with your audience? We have a massive list of voice actors, both union and non, to step in and truly give the human touch. Quality voice acting is just one step away.

Audio Integration

We are capable and experienced in using third party tools such as FMOD/Wwise to help you integrate our work into your production pipeline. Just another way we make your life easier and taking care of all things audio wise. We’re here to help.

Stock Audio

Sometimes you don’t need a full custom score and sound asset list. We can understand and appreciate that. So we have, over the years, produced content which is free to be licensed for a very nominal fee at Audio Jungle (mixed stock catalog since 2010).

FREE Audio Consulting

Let our years of experience speak for you! Arrange a time to sit down with us and we’ll go over your project’s needs and give you a complimentary, without pressure, obligation free, consulting for your project! If you like what we design and our vision we will also include an estimate to how much it would all cost.